Available from www.LSBooks.com on November 19, 2012.

Sharpen your wits. Watch your back. Don’t make allies. Don’t fall in love.

A harsh environment breeds harsh people. Love and war are the same side of the coin to those who fight for their supper in the Zones. A good kill or a good f*ck—sometimes the lines between the two are quite blurred. Reggie is such a fighter. She’s a winner in search of the ultimate prize–freedom. In an age when a man has crowned himself queen, steam is worshiped as a god, and contact sports have been driven underground, a girl with a chip on her shoulder and a burning desire for freedom proves a good right hook can be worth its weight in gold. With her shape-shifter lover beside her, they battle their way through the labyrinth, knowing that two cannot walk out alive. That’s not how the game is played.  Songs of the Flesh is a pseudo-Steampunk, dystopian, paranormal fighter chick novel that breaches the boundaries between the instinct to survive, compassion, lust and love.